The Paradise of Belize

Belize RiverAerial View of Ambergris Caye and Barrier Reef

Belize home of a variety of biodiversity with 70 % dominated with natural vegetation and about 41% of it is under some form of protected status. Belize, mother nature´s best kept secret, hides on the coast of Central America, on the Yucatan peninsula. It is bounded by Mexico on the North, By Guatemala on the West and South and by the Caribbean Sea on the East. It’s the only English speaking Country in Central America which occupies the area from approximately Latitude 15 degrees N. to 18 degrees N., and 88 degrees W. to 91 degrees W. The length of the country is approximately 280 kilometers (180) miles with a 108 kilometers width. Belize’s total land area is of 22,923 square kilometers (8,867 square miles) of land, including more than 200 offshore Cayes.

Its present population is approximately 311,480 with the main ethnic groups being Mestizo, Creole, Maya, and Garifuna.